Ubisoft’s “Splinter Cell” to be made into a feature film


The video game-to-movie genre has been riddled with failure. Resident Evil is the only franchise which has survived by catering to fans of the action and horror genres, sacrificing competent storytelling for pure “entertainment.” Ubisoft is now in talks with Paramount Pictures to develop a feature film adaptation of the immensely popular Splinter Cell franchise. The series has six video game installments and several novels, so source material is abundant for the potential film’s producers. Ubisoft has made it clear to any future partner on the project that they wish to have control of the creative direction of the film. Their position brings to mind Microsoft‘s arrogant blunder when they attempted to develop a Halo film. Hopefully Ubisoft has learned from the errors of others and will guide any talks in a positive direction. A good Splinter Cell movie would be certainly be a boon for future video adaptations. Stay tuned for more news as development on the feature moves forward.

Via Deadline

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